Saturday, March 06, 2010

How YOU doooooinn??

It's Saturday night, ya'll & this is where i am:
the more times i've rolled one of them goddam rolling suitcases like a vagrant...the higher my chin got!  also: it helps when i picked out the slutty animal print suitcases....i've been dabbling in the self portraiture otra ves which is taking me longer to get the hang of. and i still highly recommend it. just to see where you're At.


and this is why i'm still single (besides who in their right mind would date a homeless chick?) i been chattin' it up with this man on OkCupid - i know; my timing sucks, but honestly it's not like i'm gonna find Mr. Right on OKAY cupid...phffft! Mr. Right (for me)  is like fucken Santa or the damn tooth fairy and doesn't even exist. Hello. Secondly: OKCupid is Stupid and Fun

and THREE: there are NOT that many cute guys on there! a lotta Hot women, though let me tell you. heh heh .... so i'm chattin' it up with this man who says he's a clinical psychologist only mmmm...maybe not. i Don't always believe what i read ( not anyMore). and he's a musician, too. i'm flirty enuf to ask what his favourite song to strum/play on his guitar (a Guild like i even know what that IS and he bought if from a carpenter) he names Bob Dylan as one of his inspirationz.. so i attempted to be all clever and use the lyrics to my favourite song of his (i actually only have the one CD of Dylan's about a train but that's neither here nor there)so anywhoo -  i replied to his message with this
"BOB Dylan? hee hee. well i guess you gotta serve Somebody."
and he comes back with this:
"I don't serve anybody~!"
so i guess i offended him?  a Dylan lover witha Dylan lyric. what the fuck is up with that??? he came back with an apology and somethin' about bein' 'fiery' about what he believes in as important...but i'm thinkin' - asshole.
 also: not to be too persnickety and i reserve my right to judge the physical until i am Gagged out in person...he only has the one picture.. and in it:  looks like David Hasselhoff. ew.

" may be the devil
or it may be The Lord
but you're gonna have to
serve somebody...."


Anonymous said...

I totally like your self-portraits! glad your chin is getting higher by the minute- it is going to take you a long long way!

Seeing where you're at is a very wise thing to do. I am kind of doing the same. Keep documenting until you glow with pride. Then, just continue documenting. Made sense?

the heartful blogger said...

You are beautiful.

Anonymous said...