Friday, March 05, 2010

You gotta have Hope!

night time in the Gypsy Wagon. i like to think i'm a good cozymaker....
i bought this video on a whim plus it was only ninety cents. Bob Hope Bloopers! omg, i laughed so hard. Angie Dickenson is crazy sexy, don't you think??


Anonymous said...


Would i be wrong to say i wonder how cute it seems be to be living in a gypsy wagon? esp when you can have a new view from your window JUST LIKE THAT?

changapeluda said...

you would be exactly right if only i knew how to Drive the damn thing and didn't have to depend on my friend's DAD...gah!

we had it driven to Oceano Beach, last week.
it was an adventure

Anonymous said...


Go get driving lessons- celebrate the freedom!

(i'll say get some martial arts classes also- i've always wanted to.)

the heartful blogger said...

I love the "Fuck" sticker in the corner juxtaposed with the gorgeous sleeping Pop-pops under a gorgeous cosy quilt.

joeandbridge said...

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