Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Low-Key but Extremely Happy Tuesday:The Halloween Episode

We kept things on the down low. We were going for warm & Comfy. Sometimes Halloween can be cozy....this was one of 'em. Happy made a very nice Tinky from the Hood. And her little boyfriend sported brand new (so soft on the inside) green sweats and a zig zagular cut bright green shirt. A beanie and a red feather in his cap: he was good to go. Our own ghetto version of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. My coughing punkin Pop-pops was a lost boy. With a top hat, a onesie cords w/attached vest, long sleeved ensemble & some war paint. Only he hated the top hat. Zoe the Beautiful German Shepherd was a blue-eared hippy freak-dog. We ate pretzels and chocolate and had a grand old time. Some of us stayed up until the wee hours watching Young Frankenstein. And somebody kept getting up to eat candy. We took lots of anti-posed and uncooperative photos. The only one who was a willing picture hog with me was Francisco-Stein. I'll see if I can't upload my bounty when Blogger is good and ready. Until then I hope I painted a picture of our colorful Halloween. Oh, and G. was 6'3 and I think a half, looking like an Indian standing tall, wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket, holding his warpainted baby brother. So he went as a sleepy totem pole from Neverland.


Beta Fishy said...

Sounds like a very cozy Halloween indeed. I can just picture your happy tribe all dressed and watching Young Frankenstein. Still sending out healing thoughts to your little lost boy.

changapeluda said...

There swims a sweet & fair fishy. He is almost All Better.
Somewhat settled in to your new abode?

Beta Fishy said...

That is wonderful to hear.

Somewhat settled. I think that the weekend will find me pretty much established. *Fingers crossed* Thanks for asking!