Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Computer Keeps Freezing

Everything is a race against frozen time. I gotta go get a 12pk of beer. Unfortunately it's for the repair man. Fortunately, he's very affordable, just a little drunk and very busy.


Beta Fishy said...

Hmmm.....a little drunk is not all bad. Sad that you can't pay him with crispy art.

knitsteel said...

I guess that's a fair trade, work for beer. I prefer money myself, (to receive, not to pay.)

pinda said...

Can you sent this guy over here?
I've got some problems with a lamp.

I'll pay him a sixpack of lager and 3 tasty beers from the region.

changapeluda said...

I like beer.
It makes me a jolly good fellow!

The other day I was out in the backyard hussling after Speedy Popzales and I ended up working me up a sweat and a thirst So I partook of some cervesa Mexicana b w/a little salt & lime.
Dios Mio was IT GOOD.

And my computer hasn't been freezin (to boot!)