Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tinky & her crue


JMac said...

Your brood looks awesome and sounds like you had my kinda Halloween! Comfy is always good, heck yeah.

Beta Fishy said...

What a bunch of cuties. I just love the angry Tink picture. Too cute.

changapeluda said...

Oh you mean Tinky w/a 'tude.

She's gangster like that.


mathew parkin said...

ahaha, you're halloween looks like it was so fun!
aww yey!
xx xx xx

pinda said...

that could be a real hobbit!

Girl of Approval said...

Ya'll look like so much fun! You've got the cutest kids ever, even the inherited boyfriend! :)

I'd love to had joined you. I could have been a fat... Alice? Is that the girl's name?

changapeluda said...

You would have been a lovely and welcome Wendy!


Pinda, we incorporated that indian you inspired. I'll have to upload one of a KONKED out Lil Hobbit.