Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sonny California

We had ourselves a time. Splashing and running about. Pop-pops is a true blue California Boy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lookit what I just learned how to do

Sorta. Tricks with mirrors. I took a whole bunch of pictures of meself! I uploaded them and got all excited because I am not as ugly as I thought I had become. I thought I had let myself go to the dogs. So I put on a little lipstick and voila! Hag no more. Heee hee... I have been as busy as a beaver in my Art Studio. Didja think I I forgot all about that whimsical/mystical endeavor? Well, here it is. This little spot in the house makes me so happy. Futzing with pictures, glueing stuff, painting and cutting up, oh it's so nice to have my own little enclosed space. A lot of Art Therapy goin' on in there. Aaaaaahh....I love it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Computer Keeps Freezing

Everything is a race against frozen time. I gotta go get a 12pk of beer. Unfortunately it's for the repair man. Fortunately, he's very affordable, just a little drunk and very busy.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Obviously, I'll Need Extensive Therapy

G. turned 17 last Saturday, my Rad Sister who resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas whom I have yet to tell ya'll about...turned 47 on Sunday and my mother, the WonderNana turned 69 on Monday. Plus she was sick. So I kept making toast and tea. And Birthday Cake and Birthday Banners and handmade Birthday Presents (with love but come on, this was no time to get crafty)....there was this mammoth pile of dishes. I felt like I couldn't keep up with my own life. So I burnt a few pieces. So what? One pair in the morning, two in the afternoon. In a row. Smokey little possibilities...heeeee heee.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jazz Hot, Lickety Split & Yes sir, that's my momma!

Happy Tuesday, Dear Nana

Happy Tuesday was weird happy but Definitely Happy. So my mom has a blood disease called Lupus. It's in remission. She's one of those fighter types, born a premie in 1937 and the oldest of 10. She's the Boss around here. She doesn't let her Lupus get her down. Even though she will tell you all about the countless surgeries and how it will shorten her life span, and she has a handicap thinger for the car because of it. How she lost all of her hair and had to wear wigs and so on.... how she almost died when misdiagnosed and we had to take trips to Santa Barbara to see a specialist every two weeks. She sounds like an old soldier, all brave and matter of fact. But I remember how scarey it was listening to her laying in the back of the car, moaning and crying all the way up the San Marcos Pass. How she had to take steroids and swelled up to almost 3 times her normal size. And of us always being @ the hospital....Which brings me kinda clumsily to how we spent our Happy Tuesday. @ the damn hospital. My mom got sick and I had to take her to emergency. She's fine now. Perfectly fine. She even went to a Martha's Ministry meeting to help w/the Christmas Boutique. But it was a whole Happy Tuesday for me and Pop-pops in the parking lot and nearby park. It was 96 degrees too (!) for some record heat breakin reason. Hot, hot, hot so we were happy in the shade of the Magnolia trees planted in the parkin' lot. I found a whole mess of those seed pod thingies. Ha ha. I Love those things. They remind me of tiny little elegant organic velvety microphone sticks. There I go, being all clumsy-like but I'm sure if you ever played with these as a kid you know what I mean. I Love my Mom is what I mean. She makes the best tortillas in the whole world. I shit you not. Better than her sister, my aunt Big Josie. Better than her best friend Bobbie Villegas. She can whip them out in no time too, from the masa to the rolling them out to putting them right in your hand to fill them with what you will. Oh. They practically melt in your mouth.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tinky & her crue

Low-Key but Extremely Happy Tuesday:The Halloween Episode

We kept things on the down low. We were going for warm & Comfy. Sometimes Halloween can be cozy....this was one of 'em. Happy made a very nice Tinky from the Hood. And her little boyfriend sported brand new (so soft on the inside) green sweats and a zig zagular cut bright green shirt. A beanie and a red feather in his cap: he was good to go. Our own ghetto version of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. My coughing punkin Pop-pops was a lost boy. With a top hat, a onesie cords w/attached vest, long sleeved ensemble & some war paint. Only he hated the top hat. Zoe the Beautiful German Shepherd was a blue-eared hippy freak-dog. We ate pretzels and chocolate and had a grand old time. Some of us stayed up until the wee hours watching Young Frankenstein. And somebody kept getting up to eat candy. We took lots of anti-posed and uncooperative photos. The only one who was a willing picture hog with me was Francisco-Stein. I'll see if I can't upload my bounty when Blogger is good and ready. Until then I hope I painted a picture of our colorful Halloween. Oh, and G. was 6'3 and I think a half, looking like an Indian standing tall, wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket, holding his warpainted baby brother. So he went as a sleepy totem pole from Neverland.