Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back In The Saddle and/or Don't Fence Me In

Gimme land lotsa land and the sunny skies above...I love sunny California! Nipomo or Nipas (as the cholos say) in particular. I think it's the prettiest little town wherein my family and I could ever live. For real, aye.


Girl of Approval said...

For some reason, it's odd for me to see grass and palm trees together. I just don't think of those two things together. Weird.

Sounds like a nice place, but I love where I live and couldn't think of anything better. Do you know where I live?

changapeluda said...

I knew it was one of the I checked on a comment you left sorta to Beta Fishy about manners on this blog a while back ...You are from NORTH Dakota....& cyberspace

and aren't we all pretty loyal to where we were born and or live?

Beta Fishy said...

Sunshine and tye-dye; life is good!

the heartful blogger said...

Looks wonderful to me!! And more tye-die, yay!!