Sunday, April 22, 2007

When we stopped at the Embarcadero I had a bi-polar experience. And Happy Earthday to you, too.

I saw the happiest homeless guy I've ever seen in my life! He was wrapped in a baby blue blanket, sitting Indian style, smiling to beat the band. He just seemed so happy, looking up at somebody and talking (only nobody was there). His whole being was exuberantly childlike & he was rocking really fast, back and forth, full of some crazy ass glee. Then the light turned green and we got a few blocks further down. This poor guy had a sign that said he wanted to get a job and could you please help him out. He looked so uncomfortable and ashamed, like he wished he was anyplace but there. His head was down and his face looked hot & sweaty even though it was San Francisco cold and windy. It was painful to watch. And in a frustratingly-futile-symbolic way, I wanted to give him some money only he was two cars away and the light wasn't red anymore.

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Beta Fishy said...

Isn't that odd. I have a similar type experience, well a happy homeless man. A homeless man that stands on the corner near my old home. I would fly home in the mornings after a night away from my own bed (different story) and he would be laughing and dancing. I would give him money because he would be so excited. He would talk to the money. I often wondered what he said to it, and if it had interesting stories to share about all the places it had been on its way to him.