Friday, April 20, 2007

Tonite I will lay my head down in San Francisco

We are headed up North for G. to toot his horn and carve himself out a place in San Francisco State's music department. He's already been accepted, much to his relief and my I knew he would. He auditioned for the Conservatory (we went up there a month ago, pre-camera losing/getting back which made the losing part so jacked because that pic of my Poppity was in there!!) and while they don't even Know what they are missing out on ( he got a dratted rejection letter), it's SFU's turn to get to know my G. Who, as a matter of fact called me on his lunch break to tell me he Won Nipomo High School's $500 arts scholarship! We'll get him there, come hell or high water. I have been looking for hotels just today because I am a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl....and I do believe we will be staying at the Hotel Milan....they had the funnest reviews and it seems like it will be the quietest place for us to get a good night's sleep so G. can be nice and fresh for his musicality manana. I must say I really enjoyed reading hotel reviews and/or I am easily amused today. I liked the ones that said the hotel was in a "ruff neighborhood, the wife and I were scared to go out at night." Hee heee. Scaredy cats. I stayed at an old army barracks in SF, Fort Mason turned into a youth hostel, when I was in high school. It was such a good experience that I encourage G. to do groovy stuff like that all the time. Get on the train. Destination: Hot Springs Ark. or even just a local Pismo Beach. He's a good traveler....and I'm going to keep on urging him to go. Even though I'm scared of something happening to him. Even though we live in a world where innocent students get mowed down in their classrooms. I cannot let the mentally ill dictate where my son can and cannot go. So today I am going with him...on a trip he will soon be making alone....San Francisco, here we come!


knitsteel said...

Congrats to G and good luck on the next, and possibly free-est and most exciting, phase of his life.

Girl of Approval said...

Have a great time! I am not a fly-by the seat of my pants girl. I am a pack an extra two pairs of pants for an overnight visit because you never know what will happen. :)

Break a leg G! Show them who's boss!

And Pop Pops is so cute! Argh and in a hood! :)

Thanatos2424 said...

we did alright, didn't we?
despite the fact that we were lost for a good 3 hours of the trip.
I had fun.
Thanks Mama.

the heartful blogger said...

Congrats G, and I agree, travel as much as you can, see the world! You'll never regret it.