Monday, April 16, 2007

Alive & Kicking!

While I haven't gotten to the point where I am fulfilling any of my busking fantasies....mi vida loca has been fallin to pieces. The First to fall was the computer, then the washing machine, the cheap-ass DVD player joined the dump pile, then in an amazing sequence of breakage, the front of our Jalopolicious Blazer got smashed & is non-operable. Oh, it was just a little accident and nobody got hurt except for our dear old workhorse with the droopy headliner and the passenger door that won't open from the inside. A goner. Oh well, it had a good life.... Pop-pops really digs public transportation, namely: the bus, the Bus, the BUS the Bus the Bus! We got a new washer and now the damn dryer won't get hot. At all. The jogger stroller has a flat. Right in the front. G. lost my camera in Sacramento at the Queer Youth thinger he went to. He became an activist. And a vocally gay student at his highschool. And the president of the GSA (gay straight alliance) club. But I don't want that getting lumped into things that are breaking down 'round here. The opposite is true. This is what fixes me: my son G. came out w/calm bravery and forthrightness. He is like a shiney new star going all the way to our state's capitol, staying in a youth hostel. Standing up so early for what he is and what he believes in. G. and his little sister and brother are what keeps me out of complete Loserville. Where I really missed my camera the most. I missed it something awful. Oh, it was a Good thing I put a little piece of blue masking tape on the bottom w/G,'s name and number....So yesterday, I got it back. I can take all the pictures I want. Hah! What do you think about that?? And I can hang the clothes out on the line I strung from tree to tree. And anyways, I'm back. And I missed you all very much. I hadn't realized how much this here blog is a part of my swing of things.
And I feels like swangin'!


Beta Fishy said...

I am so glad that you are back. Sorry to hear about the loss of some beloved household things.

How great is it that you got your camera back though?

And you, still a great mom through it all.

Missed you tons. Happy that you are back.

Mathew Parkin said...

gosh, everything does break at once doesnt it? haha! i have to say i enjoy the bus, in small ammounts, its a good place to read.
Wow, i'm so proud of g, and you for raising him so well! thats wonderful.
xx xx xx

Girl of Approval said...

Man, it didn't come in just threes for you, but multies. Oy.

HOw wonderful that you got your camera back. I lost my camera at a dance club over Easter and someone kindly turned it in.

Glad to see you back. Missed you!

knitsteel said...

People really can be wonderful. That's great that someone brought or sent back the camera. I'd better go add some blue tape to my own camera now!

It's good to see you back. I've been wondering what happened to you.

Thanatos2424 said...

I'm glad you're back, too
even though I get to see you every day
hee hee!
And, i told you i'd take care of the camera thing didn't I?
now, if only my friend in sacramento could bring us a dryer

JMac said...

It is SO TRUE that everything breaks at once. And how awesome is it that your camera was returned?!

Also, I can only hope that my kids mature as gracefully as your son. I think nothing would make me prouder than my son standing up for what he believes. Raising a confident man ain't no joke! best to you :-)

the heartful blogger said...

That's so cool you got your camera back!! And I'm glad you're back, I missed ya!!