Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yes! California Cuisine is all healthy and raw and really really good for you.
It's just that my tastebuds don't like things that taste like stale-ass cracker/cardboard with a little ugly pile of smashed black and green olives. Or perhaps as G. said, like only a very young man new to the city would : "That was the most Expensive ass Pretentious lunch I've ever eaten." That there to
your left was my lunch called "abundance" Oh please, it was a few crappy crackers and some shitty little melon ball scoops of
hummus & smooshed olive....And here goes our luncheon conversation:

"Brother, give me the knife."
"Give me the knife, brother."
We don't get out much.
All that or rather not much of that very healthy food we ate for lunch:
just made me want to eat one of them "world's greatest donuts." that were just down the street.


Thanatos2424 said...

Our trip is even more interesting
on your blog than I remember.

that lunch was the most expensive cardboard ever...


changapeluda said...

wasn't that cardboard
of course.

also you're having trouble remembering because you started driving @ 3am while
all the interesting parts happened in the afternoon....
while you were semi-conscious

knitsteel said...

Oh, not so yummy.

Just one knife between you all?

the heartful blogger said...

I remember going to a macrobiotic restaurant once, and immediately went to an icecream store afterwards to gorge on chocolate chip to take the nasty taste of it out of my mouth.

Girl of Approval said...

You have the most amazing adventures. I love that photo with the wires in the sky. It looks very fururistic and robotic, yet old fashioned. I don't know.

I want to go to Chinatown!