Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh fuck it, i'm gonna have to get all touchy feely

Air out some jacked up emotions. And i must come clean about my in-ability to "be present". I just don't feel it. I'm going thru my life these last maybe 10 days and thinking, "Ugh! do i have to Deal with that, Again?!?" And i just don't wanna. My kids are in high bugging mode. My mother won't Shut Up. My dog needs a bath. The living room needs a good cleaning. The whole damn house needs a good cleaning (either that or fucking Bulldozed) & the piece of shit car is Falling Apart, I am always Having to DEAL with shit. Why can't i just DO what i want to do without getting a headache and or interrogated/pulled & poked at and/or have my energy/desire just sucked right outta me?? For maybe three days in a row i don't want anybody to ask me Anything.

Oh fuck it!, Fuck IT, i say. Also i just need to Get OVER myself already. It's not really that bad. It just feels like it is.


phryGIAN said...

Don't be sad
Don't be sad!

I love you!

Dwyn said...

I am muchly sorry that life is being no fun right now.

That is never a good thing

I am sending many good wishes your way, lots of little happinesses and blessings and the like.

I am hoping life will improve for you soon, that everything will calm down and be wonderful again!

Mauricio said...

No se si te escribo en español o en inglês?

tentamos o português, quem sabe?

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

You oughtta see my house. It looks like a crack house in Fargo, but without the charm or charisma.