Saturday, July 19, 2008

Plucky w/a hint of Lemony Snicket

I snapped this pic of my beautiful/motley crew the day after new year's this past January. I'm venturing into collage. At least i think i am. Happy says she can soften my cut-out rough edges w/photoshop. So it's a work in progress and Oh! how i LOVE my babies so it follows that i really dig this picture. All three of them look pretty spiffy, if i do say so myself. Happy's weapon of choice got scanned in the background. Drunks make her furious. Her uncle crossed the line, which (if you read this messiness you'll remember) resulted in a dainty smackdown w/the rolling pin. She's got moxie, my fierce young lady. This image brings to mind so many things for me:

How hard it is to live in this old house and how we've been doing it for 4 generations.

The off the cuff lecture on Never hitting a man who can beat the shit out of you if he wanted.
(don't be stupid w/your Brave intolerance)

If only Natalie Wood had starred in Bonnie & Clyde instead of Faye Dunaway....

How i wish i had Never cut Pop-pop's hippy child hair.

What a Fine Young Man my G. is.

How lucky that i get to be their mother.

All three of these people are highly, childishly, intelligently strong natured.

Also my reason for posting this slightly not current photo - I'm cross pollinatin' ya'll - I made a new cyber friend on OKCupid(!)...well 2 actually and they are both Chicks... Ha! Leave it to me to come away with cool penpals on a fricken internet dating service. So ohmylauren, here they are.

Front and center of my world, the magical three. G., Happy & Pop-pops, my own personal tribe of Delight. Always and forever.


phryGIAN said...

Ay con la lemony snicket
we do look kind of like
we're ready to do battle

: ]

Markitos said...

Ya just gotta love the fam. Allways fun allways somthin goin on. It keeps the love flow'n even on a boring day

Dwyn said...

That's such a cool photo, what with all the editing. Seriously, I am digging that whole look. Can't wait to see what stuff you put up next!

Girl of Approval said...

You have a lovely family! I love reading about how much personality your children have... how much spirit. It's good to see that.