Friday, March 06, 2009

The Bank Knockers said No

oh my heart is broken, beaten up bad...i do believe it's taken a lickin' but keeps on tickin'...
Those fuckers...greedy crooks that won't allow for any Humane kinda end to our Lives to be lived here No More (at least not for long). They gave us until the 20th of April. 4/20! Ha! Put that in your pipe & smoke it, why don'tcha??? I thought i had a chance. I thought my request was reasonable. What's 120 more days to them? Nobody wants to buy it. And "it" isn't even it anymore, my mother's ancestral home....The house has turned into a loan, bought by Bank of America. I can't keep up with the sneaky shifting shit that's being pulled around here! One very shocking thing: The lady at the realtor's office was soooo kind! blow me over with a feathah....a Realtor who is interested in doing the right thing at no profit to herself! An angel, this woman - her name is Carol and she really went to bat for me. I was faxing her proof....proof of my mother's disability, birth certificates of minor children. I even faxed this

See? logical proof - Happy is indeed on the verge of graduating, well within the 120days. They still said No. I went to see the lawyer that G. worked for afterschool....she advised me to take their offer. Bless her heart, she has already given us one free consultation (usually 2 hundred and fifty bucks a pop). She's where i got the idea we would have that many days. I wrote her a very informal letter asking if i was wishful thinking.... She backpedaled, told me they are only obligated to give thirty days....Very disappointingly confusing... So i called Carol told her to bring it on. Let's get the ball rolling, fine, we'll be out by the 20th of next month....and we'll take the stupid money if that's what's got to happen....but then

Sweet Carol called back and said she told our whole sordid situation to the the new Bank Knockers from hell....she said that we'd get a ninety day notice to quit and after that we would get an eviction notice which would give us an additional thirty days. Which painstakingly got counted out on the calendar. July 2nd....woo hooo. No cash for keys but more precious time....home free, right??
Nope. MORE fucking Bank Knockers came with a 60 day notice plus the 30 after we get officially ousted, takes us to June the mother fucking 2nd and ten days before Happy is set to graduate. What in tarnation is goin' ON?!? It's like that moment when Lightning McQueen was drag-hopping @ the end of the race con la lengua afuera.
only i can't make it to the cockadooody finish line!

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