Friday, March 06, 2009

I've got something worth fighting for

a sweet cause for my mad crusade
I'm going to try my hardest in a very balls to the wall manner. I'm not going to give up. Not now. I consider my daughter to be a nice young woman who doesn't deserve what's happening here. The date of her graduation from high school has opened up a go getter/justice seeker in Not just me. That Realtor the angel Carol - we now have a must in common, she got all indignant for me and seemed to be really on our side. Respite from the shit storm, i'll take it, thank you. Get up stand up, ... Oh and hey! I forgot to tell you that Happy had a marvelous time at her last winter formal of her teenaged formal career:

She went ahead and got herself crowned Winter Formal Queen while she was at it. At Nipomo High School, a teacher nominates the court and the faculty votes. From her teachers she won this honor. Go Happy!

Long Live the Queen! (of my heart)

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phryGIAN said...

Long live the Queen!!!