Saturday, March 07, 2009

the old casita

my dad built for my sister over 40 years ago. When my dad built a playhouse he put in those doors like the one in Snow White, where just the top half can be opened, he was phat like that....shake roof, and real windows that got switched out to plate glass when my brother threw a rock thru them because my sister would lock his ass out! He's always had a volatile temper. My brother Nat is El Valiente and El Boracho on their Loteria cards, with a little bit of El Catrin all rolled into one town drunk -- who is currently in jail. i know this is kinda wrong, but i always get a little glad when he gets hauled off to the pokey because i know he can't drink in there. i also know he is a bighearted guy in a short little mexican body that drinks toooo much beer. Terrible timing as he just got a Good framing job (in Santa Ynez, que la fregada)! what a bitch. there is hardly any new construction going on and my brother is very good at what he does. i've seen him do acrobatic feats, balancing with one foot per truss, while SAWING with his jumpyass bigger than mine skilsaw....he's awesome. when he's sober. i'm sparkin' up a St. Jude, help of the hopeless - a votive just for him.

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phryGIAN said...

Oh, Tio Nat
Oh, Tia Queto

Your family. They're CRAAAAZZZYYY