Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Dye-ing over Here!

La! la la life goes on. Whether you blog about it or not.

Oh, those Bank Knockers and their new set of lawyers on this road of foreclosingz:
even though i was told i'm not very realistic in my approach sometimes: I think Happy and her stellar report card bought us an extended stay! Whooop Di Doooo!
we are here until MidJune, folks! i'm too busy doing weird art projects to give a shit about anything one would normally give a shit about at a time like this. Pop-pops is having Art Class on the side of the sculpture it is!

And- Other than being accident prone to do horrific things like slice open my ring finger and almost take my own eyeball out; It is working out terrifically.

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Girl of Approval said...

What did you do to your eye? And Pop Pops is getting to be so grown up looking!