Tuesday, September 19, 2006

California Is On Fire!!!

But in Nipomo, we are only getting ashey and creeped out by the eerie glow of the Sun (bad video orange-ish). Not to mention the wacky warning from the local news to Stay Inside if you have breathing problems. What?!?!
As an inside activity I mixed the shit out of some media (as you can see above), kissed my kids a whole buncha times, worked on the arch to my art studio, and broke my vacuum cleaner. How are your inside activities goin'?


Girl of Approval said...

I don't quite get what that is? At first, I thought it was some kind of white mold growing on your ceiling. But it looks like it was fun to make! :)

My inside activities are movies, books, and the computer. I haven't been outside in almost two days. I have the flu and no mommy in town to take of me. :(

Beta Fishy said...

Glad to hear that you are okay, and that the fires are not near you. I hope it stays that way.

Inside activities *sigh* not nearly as interesting as yours, just reading and watching CSI.

changapeluda said...

Girl of Approval,
What?!? Mold, yuck! I LIKE the way you think!! Next artsy farting session....acrylics and mildew :]
Oh man, having the flu sux! Get Well very soon....


Hahaha, acronyms are fun. Could be Best Friend, could be butt you know whater :0)
OOoh! Tonite CSI New York! Lieutenant Dan w/out a shirt and bungee sex! I am so there.
Wish I could read more than half a magazine article at a time :]
Whatcha reading?

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

What exactly is this Lieutenant Dan w/out a shirt and bungee sex you refer to, and should perhaps one be getting jealous?

changapeluda said...


Well Hmphff! I was beginning to think you didn't care!

Afraid of heights, Big Guy?

Beta Fishy said...

Yum.....gotta love Lt. Dan. Right now I am reading Jurassic Park - perhaps a tad bit lame, but I can't sleep at night.

changapeluda said...

No, you wanna know something lame? Happy and her little boyfriend rented the Third Jurassic Park DVD. We watched it all weekend, probably 4 and half times. All of us.

Beta Fishy said...

No - lame is the fact that own the first Jurassic Park and watch it at least once a month. I don't think that I have seen the third one. Was it good?

changapeluda said...

Hell yeah!
& just for us let's say lame=Good.

The pteradactyls and their starving little winged babies that almost ate the boy! So cute.
And the wiley-ass valosciraptors
(i'm just making up these spellings) and that honking snorty language of theirs.
Tea Leoni was very very convincing. I really like her as an actress.
It would be really lame of you to rent it :]

Beta Fishy said...

Ah - Tea Leoni...I have seen it. She and her ex-husband pretend to be rich so they can go looking for her son. Rock on! That was an excellent one. Lame would be me renting 2 and 3 and having a Jurassic Park marathon! I can't wait.

changapeluda said...

I love how the 2nd one starts out w/the rich family having a picnic and the little girl wanders off to almost get eaten by those tiny little dinosaurs. Delicious!

mathew parkin said...

i love that piece!
xx xx