Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It Was Still A Happy Tuesday

Even though: My babe had a fever, my art studio is a disaster area, I got no sleep, we had an emergency plumber problem (which included me and a bucket)....But the show must go on! The player played on....

I knew when I started this blog that I wouldn't be all that timely, if you know what I mean....I had misgivings about commitment. But the good news is that I feel like I'm neglecting my little site here if I don't write for a few days turned into a week....Ever the autistic Pollyanna, I'm turning that into inspiration. I tell my kiddies all the time: aspire to be easily inspired. I've been quoted on that in a high school essay. So I'm thinking I made it up. It's written in lumber pencil on many a drywalled arch...Textured and painted over but it's still there. Aspire to be easily inspired! Try it, you'll like it.


Girl of Approval said...

That's an awesome quote. I think you should be in more than a high school essay. :)

But I am glad you have not abandoned us or your little site.

Love the dress that Happy is wearing. :)

changapeluda said...

Girl O.A.,

Have I told you lately that I love comments?
I do! :)

It's like you were saying about writing for an audience or for's so much more fun when you get feedback. That's a cool word, isn't it? FeedBack.
Also, about that dress: Thanks, Happy gets a kick outta people likin' her pics...I feed her the feedback :0)

pinda said...

like the dress, like her name too.

but most of all I like the expression on her face. It's not an expression you see much on photographs.It's an 'in between poses'-face. A moment she doesn't act. I think.
(or is it the sun in her eyes?)

Finally she smiles!

Dale Wylie said...

my boyfriend wants a studio. x

knitsteel said...

Sounds like a hectic day.
I like that quote too.
Where does your daughter get all those great dresses?

ryc- If I was grieving, I'd rip out the knitting and cut up the yarn.

changapeluda said...

Pinda you're name should be Happy, too.

Hi Dale,
I wish I could take a trip across the pond and build him one.

We hail from a huge Mexican Familia. My mom is the oldest of ten. Happy's dad is in the middle of eight! And I am modestly the baby of five. So there is always a quinceanera or wedding, most recently a Golden Anniversary (gold high heels, woo woo). She gets asked to be in a lot of these functions. So really the dresses are very functional as well as frilly :]

Girl of Approval said...

Where are you?

changapeluda said...

Here I am!