Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mas G.


Girl of Approval said...

It's like urban cowboy, but better!

You have some great photographic talent and some beautiful kids! :)

changapeluda said...

Thanx G. of A. The credit goes to the beautiful as he called this shot. If I ask him to step this way or that...okay just a little more...more... okay back up...he starts to get impatient with me.
But only the teensiest bit.
(heh heh heh) I'm telling him what to do and he does it!
A mother's joy.

knitsteel said...

These are all pictures of your son right? He is a handsome and presumably very talented young man.
(I have screwed up this word verification 3 times now.

mathew parkin said...

you take the most lovely photos
the interaction with the subject is always there
you can see you love who your photographing
xx xx xx

changapeluda said...

Yes, G. is all mine. thank u. I am always slightly put out that I have to do those verifications on my own blog. I wouldn't send myself any spam....

I'm glad to see you saw what I can see.