Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! Happy Tuesday! We are Back, Cyber-homies!

She's all Happy throwing down the Nipas signage, aye.
Hello again, from the West Coast.
It seems like I been gone a mighty long time, i got so Much to tell you....On the bus I write posts in a turqouise book Happy gave me for my birthday. I think I'm up to about 16 of 'em. So here's a teaser and a catcher upper. We are still going for lotsa walks: Giddy Up Strollie....G. is thriving as we all hoped. So that takes the sting out a little. Plus I got tired of whining about how much i miss him. I really do, though. I miss him a lot... Happy is a month or so into her Junior Year @ Nipomo High School. It started out pretty shitty, though. Not to be complaining too much but she got egged on the way home from getting her schedule, we went to the Po-Po and they didn't do a damn thing which I totally wrote a whole post about. Then, that same week I had to put this sign out in my front yard.

This after Happy had put her little boyfriend's bike in the backyard. I went out there with her afterdark and put My Bike up against the hedge in the far corner of the front yard. My reasoning was that nobody could see it from the street - Only to wake up and find that my bicycle was stolen. I was so pissed at myself for not listening to Happy when she warned me to put it in the back like she was doing....My red Range Rover....taken! I missed my trips to La Chiquita with the wind in my hair. I became bitter and jaded. But mostly sad.. Good thing the next morning there's a drunken knock on the door! Yay...I opened the door to my brother with some gray-ass pallor and fumes coming out his head....With My Bike...I completely agreed with him when he said:
"I guess I'm the asshole."

We still take the bus, alot. One day we took an earlier bus than usual and tried to transfer on bus number 24 like usual...except it took us north instead of south
we ended up at the beach.....

And last but not least....Pop-pops and me started Daycare!

And that's what's been goin' on around here. I sure have missed you/this. It's like a part of me was missing and waiting for the day that I could get back and get it all down...and out. The reason it took so damn long was because the whole Motherboard had to be replaced...Anywayze here i am and there it is....


the heartful blogger said...

You're back!!!! And so much happened! I'm glad you got your bike back though!!

Thanatos2424 said...

You have no idea how
happy I am sitting here in
my cafeteria and reading your
It's a little bit like
i get to see what's going on

That was a good Tio Nat story
it's him in a nut shell...

College, High school and Daycare

we're doing alright
: ]

Mathew Parkin said...

Wow, glad your back. Aww there all growing and moving upwards. Bike stealing a big NO NO bad brother!
Aww daycare looks fun, I hope art school will be fun like that. Sydney is at nursery tooo, but she doesnt like it. She won't play with the other kids ekk.
Big love!
xx xx xx

Beta Fishy said...

Thank goodness you are back. I missed you tons. Glad to hear that G is thriving, and that Pops is enjoying daycare. I am sorry about Happy, hopefully things will get better. And I am glad to hear you got your bike back. I know I would be heart broken if someone stoled mine. Whew!

Big hugs from Texas!

knitsteel said...

At least you and your brother communicate- one way or another.

I like Happy Tuesday.

Girl of Approval said...

So glad you are back!!!

I missed you and your family.

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