Thursday, September 27, 2007

Post #10

The resident Romeo at DewBug Daycare: Pop-pops is a Player. As soon as he set eyes on his sweet Alyssa, he was making the moves. My boy was like a bee to honey. First it was the scooting of the chair so he could sit as close as possible to her at lunchtime. Then he couldn't help himself...he just had to squeeze.

By the end of their first day together...he stole a kiss.

By the second day, he was in love. All on his own he started with the endearments. "Hi, Honey." Okay so it's their dog's name, too ( a wierd toe chihuahua) but it was in the way that he said it; in a deep baby voice meant to woo. When we were home at bedtime, before he finally dozed off he would smile and re-live his romantic shenanigans, telling me "Alyssa, squeeeeze...." Pop-pops had it bad.

Alas - his first love affair was short lived. Little Alyssa moved all the way to Bakersfield to live with her dad. We decided to go ahead and make a clean break. Long distance relationships rarely work out.

Goodbye Dear Alyssa, thank you for being such a sweet and lovely girl. Dewbug Daycare won't be the same without you.


the heartful blogger said...

What sweet little heartbreakers they are...

pinda said...

remembers me of my first love. But we never drove together like that. Like twins.

Girl of Approval said...

LOL. Seems weird that kids can feel things like that so early on. :)

Congrats on the new business!!

Best of luck in your new endeavor.