Saturday, September 29, 2007

Post #7

I don't need much cause for celebration. Take the wrong bus? Woooo Hooo! All roads lead to the beach.

Oh hey guys! Nice...boards. Mmmmm hmmm. I celebrate the hubba hubba
I celebrate big strides.

I celebrate the hardcore Dork in me (as evidenced by the sandals WITH the socks).

I celebrate the clingage.

So this is how I figure it: Temporary is Not so fleeting if you Party Hearty/Savor the Fuck out of it.


changapeluda said...

******i am twitterpated*****



La Sirena said...

Your Pop-Pops is such a sweet little imp! From your pics, it seems you do have much to celebrate.

Personally, I celebrate the beautiful ugly, the hilarious despondence and the exquisite ache.

Among other things.

the heartful blogger said...

Gosh, I am drooling over those blue skies. So glad you enjoyed the fuck out of your day!!

Thanatos2424 said...
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Thanatos2424 said...

Remember that song I used to sing?

"For now"

For now you're healthy
for now you're employed
for now you're happy, if not

it's a good one.

your son

changapeluda said...

that sounds pretty fuckin' sad to me!

but then again you do have - shall I say a quirky taste in music...
your sister and I were talking about that the other day and named all the stuff we kinda don't agree with....

a-capella afternoon delight....
scissor sisters....
some certain show tunes

Sirena: Beautiful Ugly is a good one and my personal favorite.

Heartful: Come on over!


pinda said...

that last picture is amazing. I like the point of view, very parentish. The unsharp ground. Like you are floating around, you and pop-pops in your own universe.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

EXCELLENT post and EXCELLENT attitude!

Who gives a flying eff where the bus is going, so long as it points west?

Amen, baby!

Thanatos2424 said...

I like the scissor sisters
and afternoon delight.
You hush...
Id be there in a hearbeat
if it were possibble

your son

La Sirena said...

I'm going to stand up for your son and say I really dig the Scissor Sisters.

Girl of Approval said...

I celebrate you and the wonderful views of the world you share with me, with us.

It changes me, lightens my heart.

And I am much ashamed by the sandals with socks. I haven't done that since the 8th grade when we had a moment of that being cool. :)