Saturday, September 29, 2007

Post #7

I don't need much cause for celebration. Take the wrong bus? Woooo Hooo! All roads lead to the beach.

Oh hey guys! Nice...boards. Mmmmm hmmm. I celebrate the hubba hubba
I celebrate big strides.

I celebrate the hardcore Dork in me (as evidenced by the sandals WITH the socks).

I celebrate the clingage.

So this is how I figure it: Temporary is Not so fleeting if you Party Hearty/Savor the Fuck out of it.

Post #8

A cocoon of fantastic intentions, unfinished. It's no wonder I keep thinking something GOOD, something BIG is going to happen to me. huh huh Sucker Lou.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Post #9

DewBug Daycare has a Grand Opening! It started out as a little remodeling side job, fixing an accordion door, painting the kitchen, installing shelves - all with the aim of passing the license board inspections. My friend Danielle (the one w/That Grandpa) had a dream of opening a licensed daycare in her home. I was (and am) willing and able to help. I sure wasn't kidding when I told you A lot has happened. We've been steadily getting ready for this. TB testing, fingerprinting, One 7 hour (that got done in 4) early childhood development equal opportunity commisioned workshop, CPR certification and an FBI background check - Pop-pops and I are now specializing in Daycare. We have become seasoned pros at publicly transporting ourselves to Groovy Grover City which is 15 minutes away from Nipomo by car/one hour by bus. Excepting that one time we caught the wrong transfer and accidently ended up in Pismo Beach [to frolic in the sun]. I thank Tortilla Mary daily that my tiny expert traveler Loves the Bus! the busss the bus the bus.
Danielle and I are kindred spirits in the doting Motherhood of it all. Right now I'm concentrating on russling up some school aged kids so I can lead workshops in the artsy fartsy. I daydream about daycare field trips and tie dye sessions and ghetto scrapbooking....So far though, we seem to be catering to the diaper aged kiddies. I have yet to advertise. This is all so new and exciting and Good for Pop-pops. And me. And Danielle (& her kids, she's got 4). So that's goodness all
Dewbug Daycare is open for business. And I know my kid is getting some quality care.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Post #10

The resident Romeo at DewBug Daycare: Pop-pops is a Player. As soon as he set eyes on his sweet Alyssa, he was making the moves. My boy was like a bee to honey. First it was the scooting of the chair so he could sit as close as possible to her at lunchtime. Then he couldn't help himself...he just had to squeeze.

By the end of their first day together...he stole a kiss.

By the second day, he was in love. All on his own he started with the endearments. "Hi, Honey." Okay so it's their dog's name, too ( a wierd toe chihuahua) but it was in the way that he said it; in a deep baby voice meant to woo. When we were home at bedtime, before he finally dozed off he would smile and re-live his romantic shenanigans, telling me "Alyssa, squeeeeze...." Pop-pops had it bad.

Alas - his first love affair was short lived. Little Alyssa moved all the way to Bakersfield to live with her dad. We decided to go ahead and make a clean break. Long distance relationships rarely work out.

Goodbye Dear Alyssa, thank you for being such a sweet and lovely girl. Dewbug Daycare won't be the same without you.

Post #11

Pop-Pops the ever poppity is Seriously having a HeyDay here. So many of his best beloved things: A tractor, his sister, bein' outside, goin' for walks w/the dog who he has re-named "Lassie", skateboarding, Nipomo ( a town he requests after we've spent too much time on the bus), and his mother...takin' pictures of Love. Awwww. Ain't life Grand?
( wish you were here).

Post #12

Post #13

When will I learn that Alcohol is a Depressant?!? It ain't gonna make me feel any better. Cabernet Sauvignon did me no favours. Oh - this was last week's attempt at drowning my sadness. Only my sadness floats like a turd that just won't get flushed.
Thank God & Tortilla Mary: I am Good at suffering. Have I ever been so blasphemous as to tell you that I Aspire to sainthood? I do.
St. Changa of the Broke & Brokenhearted.
I tripped out on this picture while it was still in my camera. En la frente (my oddly dented forehead) I can make out a robed figure with his arms outstretched...and he's got one horn. Go figure. I cropped the hell out of it and now this makes me crazy:
Cleeek on it if you will than let your eyes travel straight above my nose to just below my hairline....
I can make out the letters "S" and "T".

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Post #14

I ran outta blue so I've been dye-ing everything GREEN around here. I even went into a paper making frenzy...also green. I had to make my own vat and everything. I was going for size. I wanted Big Sheets of handmade paper... so I made my own large deckle. Had a good ole time, too. I Toiled, man. And I've got big plans for my papyrus. It may not look like much now, but just you wait and see...

Sometimes it's the process and sometimes it's a crazy idea that just might turn out the way I want it to. We shall see.

Post #15

I'm a Love Hog. I was holding Pop-pops the other day on the bus. He felt so good and sturdy and squirm-cuddly...but all's I could think of was how I wanted my other son with me, too. I could feel the tears a comin' so I just let them....the bus driver was watching, I could feel it as i turned my face to the window....a bus filled with prisoners kept time with us for a while and
more tears came for All the institutionalized young men. I'm such a scrambled existentialist, aren't I? In Happier sprawl sleeping news - Pop-pops sleeps in his crib now! This was one night when he got fussy so Happy was happy to climb on in to comfort him. She fell fast asleep. Oh how I love my babies so.

Post #16

My favourite cousin and co-madre, Little Josie ( i am her daughter's godmother, a baptism back in our youth me:17 , her:14) called to tell me Andrea's (her other daughter i am not godparent to) boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was on his way from Santa Maria's main drag which turns into a long and foggy journey thru farmland then onto the Guadalupe projects to see his sweetheart (my cousin's daughter). when he lost control. His body was thrown into an irrigation ditch and they didn't find it until the next day. I talked to Andrea straight from my heart and told her that I would make a memorial for the side of the road and for her to Stop blaming herself, which is what she had been doing. Horrible shit like this happens and it's nobody's fault is kinda how i put it.

I decided on the standard cross but with a ribbon with his name on it. I looked around the yard, found some treated 2x4 and some starter board and set out to make my first death marker, ever. Kinda creepy but I felt honored and I wanted it to be pretty.

We went to the sight of the crash to stick it in the motorcycle parts littered the ground and flowers wrapped in plastic floated in the clear water running in the bottom of the ditch. She wrote a message to him and left a magic marker tied on so others could follow suit. It was all very sad and only Pop-pops enjoyed himself, trying to jump into the water and to get his shoes as muddy as possible.
Later that day Andrea called me to say we had to take it down. A member of his family called, offended because they are "Allelujah's" and don't believe in that. She asked me if I could maybe make something else. Like what? Oh heavens, does his family at least believe in clouds - maybe I could jigsaw out some clouds. Ended up her mother brought me a wooden heart mounted onto a metal spike and we screwed on the ribbon with his name....It was Jhonatan, which is the Columbian version of Johnny Boy. May he rest in Peace.

It's Been a While

This is the only place i can actually see myself going

from sad and lonely to shiney and colorful in my new

favourite shirt. I am still in a fucked up sort of mourning

and there's a sense of loss...but enuf goes on.

My aim is to get on the train and head North, he's only around 256 miles away.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! Happy Tuesday! We are Back, Cyber-homies!

She's all Happy throwing down the Nipas signage, aye.
Hello again, from the West Coast.
It seems like I been gone a mighty long time, i got so Much to tell you....On the bus I write posts in a turqouise book Happy gave me for my birthday. I think I'm up to about 16 of 'em. So here's a teaser and a catcher upper. We are still going for lotsa walks: Giddy Up Strollie....G. is thriving as we all hoped. So that takes the sting out a little. Plus I got tired of whining about how much i miss him. I really do, though. I miss him a lot... Happy is a month or so into her Junior Year @ Nipomo High School. It started out pretty shitty, though. Not to be complaining too much but she got egged on the way home from getting her schedule, we went to the Po-Po and they didn't do a damn thing which I totally wrote a whole post about. Then, that same week I had to put this sign out in my front yard.

This after Happy had put her little boyfriend's bike in the backyard. I went out there with her afterdark and put My Bike up against the hedge in the far corner of the front yard. My reasoning was that nobody could see it from the street - Only to wake up and find that my bicycle was stolen. I was so pissed at myself for not listening to Happy when she warned me to put it in the back like she was doing....My red Range Rover....taken! I missed my trips to La Chiquita with the wind in my hair. I became bitter and jaded. But mostly sad.. Good thing the next morning there's a drunken knock on the door! Yay...I opened the door to my brother with some gray-ass pallor and fumes coming out his head....With My Bike...I completely agreed with him when he said:
"I guess I'm the asshole."

We still take the bus, alot. One day we took an earlier bus than usual and tried to transfer on bus number 24 like usual...except it took us north instead of south
we ended up at the beach.....

And last but not least....Pop-pops and me started Daycare!

And that's what's been goin' on around here. I sure have missed you/this. It's like a part of me was missing and waiting for the day that I could get back and get it all down...and out. The reason it took so damn long was because the whole Motherboard had to be replaced...Anywayze here i am and there it is....

Sunday, September 09, 2007

On Hiatus

Hey Blogworld

It's me G,
Mom/Changa wanted me to
let you guys know that she hasn't forgotten
you guys!
Apparently, the starter panel (?) was
broken on our computer and she went
to go get it fixed. It should be ready
by Thursday so, she'll probably be
back to bloggings in a little while

No worries!