Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6 lessons we are learning from The Busss the bus the bus the bus the bus

1. Say thank you to the bus driver when he gives you the transfer ticket and Hold Onto it til we can put it in our front right pocket but hold my hand the whole time.

2. Put the Strollie in the seat by the exit so we don't have to lug it on our swift exit.

3.If taking pictures of people on the sly - make sure the flash is OFF.

4. Have money ready and folded/easily puttable in the till.

5. Bring a good book/journal if it's a longish ride.

6. It's very important to Make ourselves comfortable and Enjoy the Ride....


phryGIAN said...

Number 3 makes me rofl
my falafel
I'll be sure to
keep that in mind with
my new camera. I'm not sure
I'm totally down with the surreptitious pics just yet

Girl of Approval said...

Taking the bus scares me! I have no idea how to do those things on that list. You amaze me that you do it with a child in tow!

changapeluda said...

why thank yous

we should all ride the bus (it is soooo not scary)around here together:
blogger group busrides