Friday, June 06, 2008

Today, I turned Forty years old.

Huh. How 'bout that?? It sounds so old but feels so not. I was telling my favourite babydaddy that maybe it has something to do with me being the baby of 5.
Being The Youngest is kinda like my bag. It's what i'm used to plus i'm good at it. Although, I don't mind being forty at all. I suppose i am now officially a spinster. Having reached this age and never been married. Excepting - i think my three kids sorta disqualifies me for spinsterhood. Also, i think spinsters have to dress in grey all the time and wear their hair in a no-nonsense style. I ain't into that.


†wi† said...

Happy Birthday

Life begins...

We have to be many things in this life but we are always children }¦]>»~

phryGIAN said...

you also have a suspicious
lack of caftans for a spinster

Lena said...

Hi !!! Many thanks for your comment! You always suprise with original clever and talented work! i wish good luck!
Good bye! Elena.

Girl of Approval said...

You must also have a cat to be a spinster. Many of them.

Happy Birthday

La Sirena said...

Babies out of wedlock definitely disqualifies you from spinsterhood and renders permanently boho.

Me, too.

Happy, happy birthday!

the heartful blogger said...

You're beautiful girl!!