Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Okay: let's cool it down, now....Talk about fresh and fruity rootin tooooty!

This is Changa tootin' her own horn. Trick Photography, man! Shootin from behind my back into a mirror even! I been gettin' INto the Self portraits here lately. I didn't even have to crop this one! It is - as it was taken....i was feeelin' it. And if you want to know the truth: i think i've aquired some magical ability. I LOOK prettier than i really am!
Hah! i luv it.


suzi blu said...


Girl of Approval said...

I don't have the courage to take self portraits. I feel so hideous that I would just be too depressed to even view the pictures, let alone post them.

changapeluda said...

you know what?
re: my comment on your comment
PLUCKY really does make you pretty
beauty is only skin deep
Hideous is Awe inspiring
i personally like hideous
my feeet are
and so are my armpits
i like to tell people that
My PITS look like elephant butt!
heee heeeee hee

the heartful blogger said...

You have the most beautiful mouth!!