Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hot HOt HOTT!!!

i feel really hot today. But not sexy/hotttie culo caliente hot. Hot like fuck! it's hot. Too hot to do anything. Hot enuf to make me worry. I feel hotter then usual. I think it's global warmingz and that's a terribly hot thing to even think about. I refuse to buy spray paint anymore and wish every lonely person i see while i'm on the bus driving by in their big ole honkin' SUV's would hop on with me and Pop-pops, we've got all new corkscrewey light bulbs except for maybe 2 in the ceiling fan. i just read a story about a man who has a brilliant idea to strategically place these HUGE filter thingies so we could recycle/filter our air back out with something miraculously biodegradeable that could reverse the gas emissions of que sabe que. I didn't get all the scientific jargon laden facts but i did get enuf to make me hopeful. We've got some amazingly smart people in this world. We'll think of a way to fix our fuck-ups, won't we? If not, it's just gonna keep getting hotter and hotter....'til we all Burn Up.


phryGIAN said...

Such topical and depressing stuff
it also reminds of some socks that
i saw on your birthday that said
"too hot to be 40"
mira que cute
anyways on a much lighter note
i loveloveLOVE that we blog
and read each others' blogs
and stuff
makes me happy
: ]

Girl of Approval said...

It's been cooler here.... raining all the time. Should see my yard since I haven't found time to mow. The neighbors must hate me. The Boy drives an SUV, but it's the only thing he fits in (Big Boy, the Boy is). I drive a little car though. It's wee.

I try to love the planet. Though spray paint may be hard to give up. CFC's haven't been in aerosols since the 70's

the heartful blogger said...

Even your shadow is sexy :-)