Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Women of a Certain Age should not wear Ponytails

I'm just glad i don't know or care what that age is....Oh my goodsnakes, i look like my aunt Big Josie in this picture. She's my mom's oldest sister and she is Fierce. She does Not take shit from NObody....She's the tamalera and it's at her house that all the tamales get made. She's very earthy and generous & she can yell at the top of her lungs - loud & passionate - like her life (and yours)depended on it. Big Josie's house is always full of all kinds of Mexicans. From Oaxaca, MexiCali, Watsonville...she has taken in so many families and helped them until they could afford a place of their own. Hard working people that brought home fresh fresh vegetables and treated her like a queen. She's a big boned woman with large capable hands. She's an accomplished flirt, too. Coquetta. Glamorous, with big red lips and a smoky voice, scratchy (from All that yelling). She's my favourite cousin Little Josie's mom.... the reason i remind myself of her in this particular picture is because Big Josie is almost always in some kind of domestic motion. Serving delicious food, wiping counters, making masa....plus we have the same strong nose. Big Josie is one of those latinas that make me all proud to be one. Mexcentric & phat, am i. So that blade i am lovingly tending to - came off of this ginourmous tree splitter that my cousin (the same one who had those '28 Model A rims) tried to snag ...but i got very angry watching him thru the window. He backed up into the yard w/his truck and trailer even a damn winch to take Yet more antiques/scrap metal or just Whatever he happened to think was cool. I was pacing back and forth - now this is gonna sound crazy but i opened up my blogger account and started to Blog Furiously about it. And that somehow helped me to decide not to put up with his shenanigans...I was just going to let him take it....it's just stuff...but then during my furious typing, I thought how would he like it if i pulled up in his yard and just started taking whatever the hell i wanted...So i read what i wrote - something about how visceral this whole chingadero was and how strongly i felt about it...i put on some sunglasses and some lipstick and went out there and said my piece. I told him he probably hated it that i was home when he came to the yard to take stuff. He came back with if he didn't come and get it then somebody else would. We ended it with me saying that he had already gotten soooo much valuable stuff from here. My dad's monster van, my brother's beat up but still valid blazer, whatever big ass car part he wanted he took....I felt like saying, Get the fuck outta here and take your beady eyed greedy grabber buddy with you. His friend did NOT want to give it up, but between my mom and I - we got that blade. I think it's beautiful and i haven't quite decided what i want to do with it other than wash it and bring it in the house to gaze at in safekeeping. I'm kinda proud of me for sticking up for myself. I usually don't. Maybe one day i can be half as fierce as my mother's sister, Big Josie herself: That would be cool.


knitsteel said...

such a vivid description of your cousin. I love how you write.

and your nose is perfect- regal. I like it.

changapeluda said...

oh thank you, K.

i'm glad to see you

♥RB said...

viva la pony tails!