Monday, August 11, 2008

San FRANCISCO!!! ( i don't mean Frisco)

Happy & G. are a very satisfactory brother sister set, if i do say so meself....The San Franciscan moves/visits keep getting better and better This time the trip to Chinatown was so much happier than Any i've ever taken there before. It was way impressive that G. knows his way around. Very Handy when it comes to ducking thru

this alley to get to City Lights Books....

Haeeaeyy! (fuck it, i can't spell it like i want to)

Look at G. he's all supporting his own self in this big city and if he looks a little perplexed it's because he is. Oh how i luv it that he's making it just the same. This kid knows what he's doing. He knows where he wants to go and more importantly he knows how to get there.


phryGIAN said...


i didn't realize that you
blogged this much
go on witcho bad self

pinda said...

Sometimes I think it's sad you can't hear photographs. He looks lik e an animated talker. I can only see the gestures and the expression of little sister's face. The conversation is your priviledge.