Monday, August 11, 2008

I get all puffed up and flufffy when i get to SF

Like a big fat mother hen.

I LOVE CITY LIGHT's BOOKS. I've wanted to marry Lawrence Ferlinghetti since i was
16 yrs old and heard him read his poetry in Santa Barbara (!) in a nice coincidental travelin' zippity doo.

i'm pretty sure it is totally illegal to snap pix of the insides of their merchandise but i got a nice big book of puro Billie Holiday off the shelf and opened it almost immediately to this picture. She was feelin' it and you can't see them but there are tears welling up in her eyes. I feeeel like that...a Lot. On this trip - i felt just like Billie; Especially when it came time to leave. But, oh we had fun while we were there! I get kinda fluffy just thinkin' about it.

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