Thursday, August 28, 2008

productive or lazy: Saturdays at 4 i stop what i'm doin'

so i can lay all up in my bed and watch Star Trek. In this episode, that magical groovy blob on top was All In LOVE with the beautiful man from the '70's ( & who can blame her, he's gorgeous and wholesome w/lovely blue eyes)Oh! how she would envelope him in her fantastical pink and yellow goodness - it looked like it felt Good. For him especially as it kept him young. Kirk and Dr. Spock w/his amazing gadget that tells him Everything there is to know about Anything in the whole universe - discovered that the electric blob's boytoy was a scientist who was in actuality 104 years old. She had been keepin him there for her own personal pleasure and was, in fact, a little too attached. And She Was Not gonna let Mr. Handsome get beamed up, neither; oh hell no! He was her man & she thought they had a good thing going on. So of course, that asshole Kirk decides they're gonna smoke her - only she fought back and knocked them on their asses....hmmph serves them right.
This show just does something for me. I love it when they have 10 foot cavemen that throw big spears and grunt at the minor characters....And there's almost always some perky blonde girl with a complicated up-do and sparkly eyeshadow or those sexy green wicked women w/very dated bellydancin' moves. For some reason i always feel amusedly smarter when the hour is up. Most of the time i get the moral of the story and sometimes tend to disagree. Why they gotta be so surly and smug?? Mostly though, i really do appreciate this show cuz it makes me think. What are your thoughts? (Hobson....)


†w¦† said...

Star Trek rules, man (& that's my complete & fully considered assessment)!

Pizza's pretty amazing too!

I might have to visit here more often ¦;¬|»

La Sirena said...

Josie -- I love Star Trek, too. Spock is way do-able. He'd say something like,

"Sirena, why are you removing your own brassiere? That's highly illogical! Come here, my fingers are most adroit in unlocking the formula of the aluminum garment closure mechanisms made popular in 20th Century North America. I believe they were referred to as the hook and eye."

And your nose is beautiful -- like the rest of you.

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