Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When i wasn't Lookin'

apparently i was Not paying attention because:
i feel like these things snuck up on me.
When did my damn nose get Loooonger (!)? Isn't it true that your ears and your nose get bigger as you get older? Well Jesus Hernandez Christ/Sangre de Dios, i honestly didn't think i was that old.
The good news (yes!)is my eyelashes grew back completely from their
chopped off nubbyness. Oh, how i remember that day, how hard i took it that my lashes got Hacked Off....i mourned their loss then promptly forgot to care... 'til one day - why, they grew back very nicely thank you, to their normal length. I may be vapid but Eyelashes are a big deal! To my Face especially...So is my honker! Is it me or is the tip of my schnozz getting flatter?! Is it changing shape (kinda platypus-like) ugh! will it split and look like a chin cleft cuz i could kinda see it already headed that way - shit, at this rate i could look like Karl Malden by the time i'm fifty. That's not going be very pretty. Look how sad i am about it....Pobrecita Changa narisona - my nose! it's only gonna get heftier. Cleftier....okay i'll stop.

Vanity thy name is Changa....

a random & slightly amusing end to this Peluda Post:

....the palm tree in front of St. Joseph's Catholic Church here in Nipas:
all of a sudden & to my surprise;

grew itself some big hairy balls.


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

I know one thing of mine that definitely ISN'T getting longer.


pinda said...

hi Changa.
>> the nose is fine thank you.
what's really long is the time I've been away from your blog (actually everybody's blog, mine included). And that's really something to be ashamed of.

hope i can pick up the stories of your life.

changapeluda said...

if not - that's okay because

why shouldn't it be?

i'm just glad i went back to yours and you to mine

whooop di doooo