Sunday, May 24, 2009

In the wee small hours of the morning

i'm tired but i can't sleep, i'm winding up a very packed day of packing, i'm sonsa/loopy from trying to decide what to put in the big ole boxes and What?! was i just doing??? where is the goddam packaging tape, i have toooo much weird art supply, we have too much junka junk to sort thru for one person and now i
can't think....

i mean: i can't think of a Better time to do my drawing thingamajigger!! woo hoo...okay - so i counted eight peeps....

that's a goodly amount, don't you think? 8 is great...and i got good ones, too... exactly the kindsa kind commentors w/just the right amount of coolness and variety. and now here we are together - havin' us a lil lickety split drawing party... i feel funkily festive about this whole!
the fabacious 8 are: (in the order that they appeared)
all of yous get put into a hat and VOILA!

aww man, i was gonna send one her way because she asked so nicely...i better pick out another one

awww man, what if they want to remain anonymous, i better pick out another one

awww man! this looks like it's rigged....
although i'm glad G. won. if he called me up and said he won some random wacky drawing from the blogosphere, i'd be stoked. It feels good to be a winner, even if this is a trifle silly...all in good fun - Congratulations & here are the results:
1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners:

my e-mail address is me your address to claim your prize.
Well folks,
this was exciting for an old gal like me, and now i'm all poooped out. Thanks for playing, those who did....i'm off to Bedfordshire.


Girl of Approval said...

I wanna win!

changapeluda said...

You know what?

you did!

(because, like i tell Poppity ALL the time
" i said so!")

and this is My Blog and i can do whatever i want on it!

shoot me your address G of A