Sunday, May 24, 2009

taking a break from the batshit crazy job that is packin'

because packing, to be honest - SUCKS the Big Greeen Donkey Dick, for sure! it's goddam Overwhelming me. So i'll stop for a little minute - to do something
Therapeutic and Fun

remember that Other Blog i started w/the hellish best of intentions to SELL my shit because i had just found out my brother & horrid sister-in-law fucked us over to buy their house so mortgaged out this one (established/completely Paid Off since 1943 omg!Nineteen Forty fucken Three!)- then as you know if you keep up with this twisty saga - wanted my mom and i to pay back their loan and/or sell it and consequently kick us out on the street???
Oh, i had me a Grand Scheme back then - so i set up this whole other blog called Lickety Split Rescue Aid Society....i love the play on words because it holds a way deeper meaning for me is Not gonna come to my rescue! i'm Horrible w/ my brother all the money i made by e-baying myself out? Was Not going to come to our rescue....But do you know what did come to the rescue, more importantly than financially but emotionally
Yep, it was art.
So i am hereby dedicating that blog - by posting my collection of Polaroids new & old. As an added poignant bonus; Polaroids are almost extinct! In a timely manner, Happy and i are hoarding film and celebrating something we will soon lose

which is the way we been rollin' around here....


Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice that people talk about money and green donkey dicks, but you hardly ever see much of either one?

You and your batshit crazy and me with my shitawful night..and those damn donkeys getting all the Action.

What kind of deal is That?!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try to sell through this site.. the link is only an example of assemblages similar to some stuff you have done...

the heartful blogger said...

Yay! I love polaroids, I heard the company actually went bust this year. Beautiful picture, and your ahem "phrase" about donkey appendage really made me laugh! If I'd been drinking tea at the time, I would have spluttered it all over myself. :-)

pinda said...

Question: how did you polaroid your own polaroid?

the heartful blogger said... are you? Where are you? How was the move? Been thinking of you. xxx