Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some of the Strange Yard Treasures i'm moving to the side of the house

I save the weirdest shit. I can't help it. Oh well, at least i look like a big sturdy guy in this next picture!

and you know what? I am a big sturdy guy...a big sturdy guy you would totally ask to help you move. and who would be there. with bells on....
so Yeah, i also gotta move Zoe's house because Her's, (and my equity SUCKing brother's and his black hearted wet dogfart of a wife's house, too - don't forget) Did NOT GET FORECLOSED on! I am Movin' it on Outta here, La Casita de Zoe Pearl. only i don't even Know where....shit howdy this is the reality of it....jeez, where IS the nearest tent city?? I'm being very flippant, if you can't tell. That's just the kinda mood i'm in Plus, i got a place for us to stay. My cousin Little Josie said if worse comes to worse - i could stay with her. And Worse hasn't even come to worse, yet If at all....But mostly what i wanted to say (and show) with this post is that i am strong that i could put that doghouse in the damn moving truck all by myself, if i had to. The roof is detachable.

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