Friday, May 22, 2009

This Lovely and Congratulatory Bowl of Beans

goes out to my scholastic two: Happy will be ending her senior year @ Nipomo High School w/a 4.0 gpa & a coupla unexpected scholarships (five and SIX hundred dollahs
we never even ASKED for in this economy)my girl - she's just that clever w/her visual artistry. Go, Happy!
G. took his last final of his sophomore university year & he totally aced it. Musically enuf, it was the ear training final and my G. has beautiful ears.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dagnabbit..that's not what I meant!

I meant to say

(unless I spelled it wrong which case, you're on your own for correcting it)

That's a coupla Good Apples you got there!

the heartful blogger said...

That is fantastic!!!! You're raising great kids. And those beans look damn good!

phryGIAN said...

I want beans!!!

changapeluda said...

Favacious might describe the census taker's liver and a nice chianti

G. & Heartful - Nana made those in the crockpot and if you come over i'll serve you up a big bowl.
(they Are magically delicious).

Girl of Approval said...

Congrats Happy and G!!! Nice work. ANd yes, the beans look delish.