Thursday, February 05, 2009

An Archmonger's Dream come true

Once he taught me how, i couldn't stop making them! The best boss i ever had at one of the very best jobs: my dad & rough framing. Arches were the first somewhat complicated custom extra i ever did learn. It's the sexy way they roundly soften things w/their magic semi-circleness & old school charm. who knew Roman stuctural design could be so addictive? my dad Hooked me Up. oh i'm a lucky lucky girl because he had sooo much patience and he wasn't a strict or fussy teacher. he loved what he did for a living and i loved him. All the arches in here are the direct result of that. I got to dream them up, measure then bang them out and nail them in. each arch tells me a sweet and satisfying construction story... Okay, now here's the part where i must come clean w/my desire to commemorate and my disdain of the glory hog. it's makin' me feel like i'm resting on my laurels when i'm running outta time. it's just that i want them to live on

(inanimate curved openings of my heart).

Arched Ninja! a beautiful black stealthy one at that!

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La Sirena said...

Nice arches!

Last night I had a dream I was sent to Oregon on business and then I was sent on a short flight to LA and my friend Karen (who I've lost touch with) had a cool loft kinda place on the shore and she and I went wading in the ocean and then I got a rental car back to Oregon, but I was taking HWY 1 and was going to stop off in Nipomo and hang out wichu and yours for a few -- I even called you from Karen's and we chatted on the phone and I googled my route and everything -- but then my alarm went off.