Friday, February 13, 2009

FORECLOSURE ALERT: While i was being sentimental

calmly uploading pictures of Zoe the dog on her tribute post: The HOUSE SOLD! Back to CountryWide bank for $148,000. huh....this might mean (if they were the heartless bastards that put up the auction block notice on New Year's EVE) they (The Bank Knockers) could show up any minute now with Dumpster Bins and more scary-ass notices.


La Sirena said...

Ack! Where are you guys going???

changapeluda said...

today is my last day to keep my head buried in the sand.
tomorrow i call this fucked up fraudulent loan bank and ask them for 120 days when they might only gimme 30, we'll see.

i have a tent!

also a huge family... my cousin Little Josie and i are co-madres so i can stay with her until i get more on my feet, financially.

there's a little backyard for Zoe and a little boy for Jaed to play with....
thank you for asking.

i've done this before when i got flooded out of my apartment when the creek came in and also when the ceiling caved in HERE pre-arches. moving stuff is Always a bitch but it gets done.

my piano got moved into a storage and i played it on the back of my dad' truck as we drove thru a eucalyptus grove....i felt like i was in a music video.

right now i feel like we're on a sadsack episode of Dateline about the fucked up economy.
my mom might have to go live with my sister in Arkansas!
wooooo dogggie i dunno how that's gonna go....

Happy will have to go stay with my favourite babydaddy....

a lotta lotta big changes but we'll be alright. i promise.

Girl of Approval said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your house. I hope things work out for you and your family. Poop on Country Wide.

La Sirena said...

Aw, shit! I know you'll be all right.

hmmm... You might be coming to visit me.

Moving sucks. One time I did it 5 times in 12 months.

I like the image of you playing piano in the back of a pickup truck.