Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Rang that Bell??!?

And who the hell am i trying to FOOL?? With my tearful "brave" face. Lookin' down the barrel @ Friday the Thirteenth and the delayed Auction Block. Is somebody going to buy our house? Is nobody going to buy it for a few months? At least until Happy graduates from Nipomo High School (this June)?? Why don't i just move out right now to end all this suspense?? Pre-evict myself and take my little evictlings with me? But Where? more impotently WHY? ( i LOVE it here) Little Josie said even Zoe could come and live with her. The projects in Guadalupe are pretty nice. And i mean that sincerely.... also i am so pissed off at myself for wasting hours trying to upload a goddam picture in which i had flipped the HAPPY around and lightened it up a little ( i am all the time trying to lighten things UP!)....only i couldn't save it and it wouldn't replace this one i had to settle for because it's stuck in "my pictures" even though i Don't want it.
sometimes i get so mad at the computer for me not knowing how to use the damn thing.

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