Wednesday, February 04, 2009

GOING so soon? I wouldn't hear of it! Why, my little party is just begining!!

Remember how Dorothy was so stoked when she said,

"I'm home, Auntie Em. Home!"

& she explained how she'd been trying to get there for days & days? that happened to me; out in the backyard. i felt as if i owned the place! and under my bare feets, i felt the tall grass out in that yard like i've never felt it before; like it belonged to me and i belonged right where i was. Fixin' to texturize my latest, red hot 36" bigheart o'planks....i think i might have fuckered it up by BURNING it. Gah! Now, wtf was my reasoning behind that? other than i just wanted a little blackened charcoal shiny around the edges. Too bad i forgot those planks were treated plus the red dyes i let soak in plus probably other horrid toxins all ignited in my heart then billowed up in a long white plume of yucka smoke! i gathered up my tiny pyro w/his handful of twigs he kept trying to burn, plopped him in the tall green lovely grass (upwind) while i held my breath & extracted my singed thirty-six incher from the pyre. It looks patchy burnt up. I shoulda never threw it on the fire. that was kinda mean also i've not taken pix of it in this mistaken stage because i'm not so enamored with it. Maybe i'll put it back in it's custom vat of scarlet dye.
Pop-pops sure was happy to have a little bonfire. After that, i made breakfast (chile quilay, ya'll) for dinner. And my family was replete...And That is the way my day went down, here in Nipomo. I love you, G. and i miss you somethin' fierce.


phryGIAN said...

I want to come home.

changapeluda said...

me, too.