Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fun with Pix & Changa

There is nothing in this world like undoing a very tight braid (especially if braided when wet). Bumpy waves of head rubbing goodness. Add a lil lip gloss (not stick) and a macrame choker necklace made by G. especially for me...and I feelz like kickin' some ass! Lookout aye, my great grandmother was a full blooded Yaqui Indian. I can feel it running thru my veins.


La Sirena said...

Oh, yeah! Gotta love waves, handmade beaded chokers and lip-gloss.

One of my favorite looks, too.

knitsteel said...

Oh that's hot. Where are you going in all that goodness?

Beta Fishy said...

You have the msot perfect eyebrows. I am so jealous....

changapeluda said...

i feel like the cowardly lion when he says:
"and I got a poimanent just for the occasion."

i stayed home and hung out with G.
(while i still can) who was teasing me by saying

"mom! are you taking myspace pictures?!?"

the heartful blogger said...

You are smokin'!!!!!

the heartful blogger said...

Hey there, it's my pleasure to award you the rockin' girl blogger award! This is because you rock!!

You can copy the picture of the award from this post:

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Girl of Approval said...

Gorgeous. My hair never looked quite so nice after braids. More, squiggly and weird. :)

But you are fabulously luscious.

Mathew Parkin said...

look at you pretty lady!
xx xx xx