Thursday, August 09, 2007

Giving this Humble Hovel the old Heave Ho

So G. has this cool chick for a friend...Her name is Chelsea, she's a year older and is going to the city college in San Francisco. They have combined forces and hit the city armed with craigslisted rooms for rent contacts and their newly roommated wits about them. Plus, her dad rented them a nice motel for a coupla days. Whatta cool dad, huh? Job & house hunting was their mission. They kicked ass.

This is G.'s new city.
G.'s New Abode!! The studio at the top of the concretestairs. They can see the city college from their front lawn/bushes...SFSU in just a fifteen minute busride. $500 smackers a month - each kid. A washer & dryer, a fridge, central heating all utilities included, Cable (oh the upgrades)...and G. was so youthfully impressed that they get a water cooler with a Hot Water spiget for tea! A righteous luxury. He'll be living the High Life....Oh Tortilla Mary: full of grace, she really did answer my prayers this time.
The day he got back he was into this huge propulsion mode. Flappin around here throwing his old clothes out and then riding the bike to the bank to get the Cashier Check of his life! He's procured a very nice roof over his very own head and that sure is something, ain't it?


knitsteel said...

He rocks!

Beta Fishy said...

How great is that! And it looks to be quite a cute little place.

Thanatos2424 said...

Thanks knitsteel and betafishy!
everything is going good here, Mom.
Just hanging around the apartment
missing home and experiencing the awesomeness of San Francisco

the heartful blogger said...

Cool place!!

Mathew Parkin said...

Wow it looks wonderful
many happy times for him no doubt!
xx xx xx