Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Studies of a Nut

The things I do in my backyard to keep sane. Or mayhaps because I'm not. So sane. I dye my nuts purple. And orange. Lately it's blue. No lie.
I have nigglers. Yes, G. i said it. Things I have Got to get done. Before they get me. Like this

This is how I do it. I get sad. We go for a walk. I look for things on the ground because I really am lookin down. So then I got all these Found objects. And I always got the artsy fartsy. It's getting pretty bombastic too, as far as the art therapy aspect of it all. G. bein' gone is driving me fucking Crazy! I can't sleep at night. My back is hurting because my headaches. Everytime I look in the mirror i see him gone. And that really BUMZ me Out, man.

I gotta find my solace somewhere. So Found Art w/nuts. And Found Art without - it is.


knitsteel said...

I like to see your art therapy.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Art is good.

For me, vodka works pretty well. I'm not recommending it for YOU....just letting you know, hang in there, and if the occasional Absolut Citron on the rocks passes your lips....WELL THEN!!

Thanatos2424 said...

That's nuts


yay food!!

Thanatos2424 said...

I can imagine you guys
talking about my schedule in
uppercrust english accents.

brownies = amazing

the heartful blogger said...

Those are some beautiful nuts.

changapeluda said...

Oh thank you all for coming to my side/site.
i can realy feel you out there somehow with me.

and N.St.John R. S.
Vodka makes me MEAN.

Mathew Parkin said...

art therapy is good
i would hug you bit obviously i cant
i love found items, fabulous!
xx xx xx