Friday, August 03, 2007

I need to get a new truck and a new dolly. A hodgepodge post

I really do like public transportation. A lot. And not just because I don't own a car....It's only $1.75 to get to San Luis Obispo where Happy and I went to join the elite Allied Forces at G.'s Queer Youth Group meeting. It was bring an Ally Night. I met a very nice woman who kept gazing at us 3 then told me I make beautiful babies! Such a cool outta the blue compliment.

We sat around a table and checked in/introduced ourselves. I sat between my two bigger kids (Pop-pops threw a last minute tantrum and wanted to stay w/Nana. Fine wit me) Happy & G. and I could feel the love. I felt a little bit like a movie star.

And now I'm in the mood to call a spade a spade only I can't figure out if I like these yard tools because they symbolize my POVERTY, Ingenuity or ECCENTRICITY....


Thanatos2424 said...

don't be sad

don't be sad

fo real

don't be sad
I'm glad that you and my sis came to Q youth. It was very empowering.

I think those yard tools symbolize a little of all three.

knitsteel said...

Yes, they symbolize all three and are beautiful. But the kids are more beautiful!
Sounds like the public transport is cheaper than gas for driving someplace.

Mathew Parkin said...

She is right, you do make beautiful babies!
Thats really nice that you went to Q youth, we love queer youth!
I think they represent your brillinace, creativity, and Ingenuity.
xx xx xx
ps. She looks so much like you on that photo

the heartful blogger said...

You dooooo have beautiful babies!!

changapeluda said...

Oh thanx guys
i love coming here
and reading such things.

and G.
i ain't sad.
nope, not at all

Girl of Approval said...

I have no idea how to even use those things nor do I know how to take a public bus. Tragic, eh?

You are beautiful though. Love your hair. I covet it. I miss my long hair.