Thursday, October 04, 2007

Post #6

The cocoon, pre-papier mache w/a very important ingredient. And Since six is my favourite number, (i was almost an "omen" with my 6/6/68 birthday -i have no idea why i think that's so cool) I wanted post number six to have heart. It's very imortant [to me] to never lose that.


Beta Fishy said...

I have a love of the number 6 too! That and 2s. My birthday is 2/26 and I find even numbres some how soothing. Funny that. I usually play those numbers in any sort of gambling situation, and I once made the phone installer give me a new number because mine had too many odd numbers (shudder) the number 3 is just so yuck.

You always seem to have tons of heart!

Girl of Approval said...

Beta fishy... we have the same birthday!!!

Fun! :)

Thanatos2424 said...

I remember the china poem

I like this post, by the way

My birthday is on november 4th
don't ya know?

you were there