Thursday, October 25, 2007

I been thinkin'

Colorful thoughts in sepia....

But with my mind on my money and my money on my mind... how to make more of it. What can i sell?

What service can i offer? Lickety Split Cleaning service lost the Phillip's Showroom account. Dewbug Daycare is only part-time. Remodeling is at a standstill.

I've been thinking, i need to lose weight. And that I want to kiss someone. And either dread my hair or cut six inches off and put in some blue streaks. Vivid blue. I've been thinking about my dad a lot and how I wish he could come back from the dead, bring my brother Albert and we could build a kick-ass gazebo in the backyard for my mom.

these are just my thoughts:
I thought I heard a truck backing the extra lot on the east side of
the house. The junky one filled with broken beat up rusty old scaffolding & trucks and a Van filled with mugrero. And a fantasticly ginormous Black Walnut tree. It's where Lickety Split Wood Service is currently located. So that got me thinking, "Nobody has pulled up, backwards, in my side yard in a very long time." I've been thinking about Lickety Split Dating Service.

I've been thinking about my G. And how much it hurts that I have to live my life without him in it everyday and that he doesn't come home from school any more and sing, "Lucy! I'm home." I think about him being hungry for sopita and beans and tortillas. I think about him playing the trumpet. I think about going to San Francisco and busking. I think about all the soldiers that need to come home.

I think about Cyberlove and what a Crazy crazy thing I got going on inside my little fantasy electonica romantical ventures. I think about Suziblu she
be that wonderful woman i am so in love with these days. A whole lotta people love her. She's FINE Artsy Fartsy personified. I think I want to invite her to come and stay with me and my a Tipi. And we could make a mini-farm outta that side lot and grow sunflowers and yerba buena and we could get that cow that she wants and she could teach art from The Farm. I think that's one of the best ideas i've had in a Loooong time. She thought up the farm part but I came up with the Tipi. I Think (in a very unUsual way) - that I'm kinda pretty but I'm Crazy.


the heartful blogger said...

You're beautiful and crazy!! A fantastic combination on you, it suits you!

And I vote for vivid blue.

Thanatos2424 said...

and here's what i think:
I think you should come down here now come hell or high water
i think you should dye your hair blue...or wait for me cuz i'm going to dye my hair, too.
I think that Lucy and the beans and sopita will just be all that more special when I finally do sing and eat them
I think you're a beautiful, crazy mom who has a lot of thoughts that (eventually) will take her somewhere.

your son

suzi blu said...

I want long beautiful hair like you!

Do it all mama. it doesnt have to all work out. something will. the more fires you create 1 has to take hold. You have SO VERY MUCH to offer. in my opinion you have an amazing way with words. go write them at