Sunday, October 14, 2007

We interupt this Odd number of postings to bring you: A little Homecoming Dance

Happy had a terrific time @ Nipomo High School's homecoming festivities. She helped paint the junior float, caveman themed(her dad drew a big T-Rex and they collaborated on the whole thing together).

She had a new friend named Danni over and I got roped into the curl ironing of the hair. This was the first time I've ever curled rainbow colored hair. After the dance there were hooligan movies, pizza, and konking out on the couch in the middle of it all. Not Pop-pops though, he wouldn't go to sleep cuz he didn't want to miss anything. I kinda don't blame him. That Happy, she's a fun girl.


knitsteel said...

She's so stylish and beautiful.

changapeluda said...

i'm gonna tell her u said that!

the heartful blogger said...

She's gorgeous!!