Sunday, October 28, 2007

When DewBUG DayCare almost gets 86'ed from the Arroyo Grande Library

It was about 10 minutes into the kiddies half hour of StoryTime, all the little children were being quiet as church mice, doing the little hand gestures for bunny foo foo or whatever. Well! here comes Little Lulu (she's in the back left there), we whispered to her to sit quietly so she starts rolling Around on the ground. Getting into the Librarian's bag of books. The librarian shushed and shooed her very firmly. Danielle can't let go of our Resident Chomper (back carseat on your right)because he might Bite one of the kids that aren't ours. NickleBaby (Front left carseat) was the only "good" kid. Listening and pantomiming appropriately. Pop-pops (Front right carseat) took off as fast as he could into the non-kidddy area, trying to dodge me in the aisles of books. All the other mothers were giving us exasperated looks, or worse, looks of pity....So we stayed until the very end. Trying our best. From now on, though we will be having our own story-time back at Dewbug Daycare (Danielle's house).
Good Lord! Will ya check out the Teeth on Chomper back there. Just recently, I found out that our Nibble Happy little guy got Kicked Out of a prior pre-school. For Biting!
He really likes to bite. He's bitten Everyone at DewBug Daycare and we can't get him to stop! We all must taste pretty good.


Thanatos2424 said...

I like how you don't post for days and then all of a sudden it's
with the postings
even if blogger did mix up the dates and stuff.
don't even give me time to comment!
But, i'm glad you did.
That Jaedon and his buggings

I miss you guys.
And Santa should know that I'd really appreciate a camera but, it's not necessary and
I'd rather have groceries

your son

La Sirena said...

I had a cousin that used to bite EVERYONE and the kid had a short-lived Biting Problem. You got to get his mom or dad to bite him back every time he bites -- but on the DL cuz you know how DCFS is...

I swear it works, quickly. I know it sounds cruel, but it teaches them that it hurts others when they do that so they stop.

There's probably some rich lady somewhere who started having kids at the age of 45 and lets them run riot like a midget cloud of grasshoppers who will report me to INTERPOL for this suggestion, but whatever....

changapeluda said...

Oh my Lord Jesus Tortilla Mary Keyva Toya Andrea, Gian, Jaedon Ruby....Jeeejose Phat!

I got Hypnos' Bro and La Sirena here makin me all happy (although dammit G. EVERYTHING you say is makin me all weepy and shit!)

and Also Too, G... Don't you feel like we are @ Vons and in cyperspace at the same time????
talk about Rofle my falafel, Que la Fregada!
I LOVE YOU!!!! I miss you SOooooo much.

Su Madre Triste <3

the heartful blogger said...

Have you tried biting him back? LOL!!!