Friday, October 05, 2007

Post #4

Dear Tortilla Mary

Blessed be those that
eat beans.

Oh Heavenly Mother:
Life has been a series of tests
these last few months.
My heart is full of Gratitude
and I want to
Thank you for the Jobbie Job @ California Overnight in SF &
letting G's drug test come up
(even though he went to Peace in the Park and felt really WEIRD after he ate that cookie)
Thank you for letting my FBI background check
come up clean and for not letting anyone show up to
arrest me.
Thank you for
giving my mom the strength to
walk to the bustop & La Chiquita
because we don't
have a car.
Thanks for DewBug Daycare.
Thank you for giving me the
strength and speed to chase and catch
Pop-pops when he runs out in the
street after he wriggles away from
me and veers headlong into oncoming
Thank you For Happy.
Thank you for G.
Thanks for my littlest bus rider & Zoe who
meets us down the street when we get off
the bus.
Thanks for all the love out there in
Cyberspace that I keep finding...
And just
Your humble and loving servant,


Thanatos2424 said...

That Tortilla Mary
is the gift
that keeps on
giving and giving

: ]

your son

the heartful blogger said...

Hugs. xxx

Dishy said...

whoa, now YOU have been a busy bee! xoxo

knitsteel said...

You remind me of all of the good things, even the mixed blessings.

Girl of Approval said...